How We Are Innovating Church Community


Churchome Global was created in 2018 by marrying the vision of Churchome’s Lead Pastors, Judah and Chelsea Smith, with the digital expertise of The Seventh Spark Company. The vision was for a new way to church – a church home for humanity that members could access 24/7.


Utilizing Seventh Spark’s platform and services, Churchome Global aims to innovate the way that people engage with church and creates a fully-functioning church community that connects meaningfully with the world around it. Churchome Global offers more than just online sermons; it offers Monday – Sunday inspiration for its members through daily videos, conversations, classes, and live events. Members can engage in community prayer and participate in Uplift Events, campaigns that educate, transform hearts, and support communities in need all over the world. Through live events, Churchome has helped over 700 families impacted by fires in California, distributed more than 400 tarps and 19,000 pounds of rice in Indonesia and has changed the lives of hundreds of children at Christmas time. 


At the heart of the Churchome Global app is connection. Users follow pastor-led Churchome communities that provide weekly content and discussion personalized for the users’ season of life, whether it’s a child-friendly sermon, conversation about working women, or how to live generously at work. Most importantly, members can create their own digital groups to share in community and church messages. Group leaders can host conversation, have weekly church viewing parties, create local meetings and more. Groups exists in over 80 cities across the globe and host thousands of app users weekly.


With Churchome Global, Churchome is leveraging the technology of our times to fulfill their mission to spread the love of Jesus to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  

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